The Right People. In the Room. On Time.

Tap into our reliable, extensive consumer database so you can gain accurate insights.

Be Confident in Your Panel and Their Perspectives

When you have the right people in the room, you’re able to gain strong feedback that you can trust.

Recruited for Your Project

We'll filter our database based on your screener to make sure we provide you with the respondents you are looking for.

Screened for Engagement

Each potential panelist is screened by our team to make sure you have respondents who will converse with your team.

Confirmed for Attendance

We follow up with your respondents regularly to make sure they show up on time and are ready to participate.

Engage Our Diverse Research Consumer Database

Our database of consumers hosts a wide variety of panelists suited for almost any industry, including consumer goods, technology, home goods, food and beverage, and more!

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Engaged Panelists

Crafting Your Panel or Focus Group Audience

1. Submit Your Screener

Fill out our project form with an existing screener or put in your project details & we can help you build one.

2. Get Your Panelist Profiles

We’ll run your screener against our database and we’ll send a list of profiles for you to review before your study.

3. Gain Trusted Insights

We’ll send session details and reminders to your respondents, so you can focus on the feedback they share.